Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mobile Clinic Day #2

The next day I was asked to go on another mobile clinic. I was happy to oblige, and eager to get out into the city again.

Before we left, we were desperately praying for more time to see patients and a larger space. Everything really is such an ordeal there. Driving to where you need to go sometimes proves impossible due to the traffic. The waiting around...waiting to get guards, waiting for team leaders to figure out where they are going and what they are doing. Nothing is really efficient, as we Americans would like it to be.

So, we drove through town to the police station so that we could pick up our policeman for our journey. This process took about two hours, most of which involved us waiting around in the VERY hot sun (hence the lovely tan I came back with). But once we finally got everyone on the same page, we were off.

We drove for about 40 minutes to our destination, a moderate sized tent city that seemed to be in a middle class neighborhood. We were warmly welcomed as we arrived and a few people led us to a large church. As I walked in, I felt giddy. God grants even the smallest need, and this was our answer for a larger space. The place was huge! The two story building had suffered some damage to the balcony area, but it was still standing and for the most part in really good shape.

Not only that, but there were pews where everyone could wait while they were waiting to be seen! No waiting in the hot sun! And I was so thankful because many times people are already dehydrated and without water so waiting around sweating in the hot sun does not improve the situation. Also, the inside of the church was surprisingly cool compared to the outside. It was such a place of peace, just like God gave us a utopia. As we began to set up, Bonnie informed me that I would be our prayer support for the day, which of course I was thrilled about.

As the entire room became quiet, I began to pray as one of the police officers interpreted for me. For me, it was such a sweet experience. As I prayed, Bonnie placed her hand on the small of my back and when I had finished she said, "I knew I picked the right person for the job. My little preacher." God did alot of things for me personally on this trip, but one was to confirm gifts that He has placed in me over and over again. I cannot explain to you what a blessing this was for me. Something happens to us when we are operating in our giftings. I have greater faith, I believe God for greater things and often times the idea of doubt doesn't even cross my mind, and when it does it seems easy to crush. Confidence overwhelms me. The power of Christ falls on me because it is He that is doing this through me. I'm almost a different person, only I'm me. :)

Although not many people came and directly asked me for prayer, I just began to pray over the space, over the pastor and caretakers, the families coming for medical care, the community and of course the many, many children that kept running up to me and sitting in my lap without prompting. It was quite humorous. At one point, another team member Matt had given the kids his camera to snap pictures with. The kids snapped a picture of me making a thumbs up sign. No sooner had I gotten out my camera, and the girls wanted a picture of themselves. As I put my camera up to my eye, I see all of them standing there with their thumbs up. It was so precious.

I have other stories about mobile clinic day #2, but I will have to continue them next time...

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