Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mobile Clinic Day #1

So, after all of that waiting around in the heat, we were finally on our way. Our destination was fairly close and we drove only about 15-20 minutes. We couldn't travel very far, since we were on a limited time schedule to get the police officers back to the base. We drove into a very secluded tent city, and as we drove in the people began to crowd the trucks. They knew of course, by our scrubs that we were medical professionals.

As we arrived, the local people were very quick, gracious and willing to help us set up. They cleared a small 5'X5' sheet tent for us to make our clinic home. That tiny space contained 4 chairs where patients sat while they were assessed, three nurses, a pharmacy and two pharmacists (aka nurses who know about medications). :)

We were so tight in the space, and all of the locals so packed in tight that I wasn't able to get any pictures. I tried not to take any close up pictures in the communities because I didn't want people to feel like we might be exploiting them. So if I couldn't stand quite a distance away and zoom for the pic, I tried to keep my camera in the bag. I also didn't want to cause chaos.

Because of our short time this day, we only saw about 50 patients in our 1 1/2 hours. But it was worth every single person who was helped during that time. Several men I encountered had outbreaks of herpes and were in quite alot of pain, only our medication supply was limited and we did not have any valtrex. So, I did my best to education them on lifestyle choices and prayed for them and sent them on their way. I saw several sick little babies who had a fever, and then the common aches and pains that come with being dehydrated and hungry. It was evident in my assessments that many ailments were also caused by anxiety and grief, and my heart felt sad that I couldn't bring more healing and comfort to those places.

Although these days were fruitful and just as much authored by God as all the others, it definitely involved less personal ministry on my part. But I trust that God used every smile, touch and word of grace to minister in realms that I cannot see.

I think most people on the team felt at least a little disappointed that we did not see more patients. But it was a sweet reminder from the Lord that His work is not about numbers, nor is it about what we do as His people. It is about what He is doing, for His glory.

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